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Claims of prohibited personnel practices, including reprisal for whistleblowing, may be pursued by filing a complaint with OSC’s Complaints Examining Unit (OSC Form 11, Complaint of Prohibited Personnel Practice).  You can also alert OSC to possible wrongdoing in a federal agency through a whistleblower disclosure (OSC Form 12, Whistleblower Disclosure).  A disclosure does not focus on resolving personnel decisions involving or against the filer or other individuals. An employee who believes he or she has suffered reprisal for whistleblowing may elect to file both OSC Form 11, to report reprisal, and OSC Form 12, to disclose the underlying wrongdoing.

You are currently on an OSC Unclassified Internet Site. As such, the information you are viewing is designed to convey only information pertaining to the filing of disclosures that do not contain classified information. You may not disclose classified information or file or submit a classified disclosure form via the Disclosure of Information form (OSC Form 12) on this web site. If your disclosure concerns both classified and unclassified information, you can submit unclassified information using the disclosure form and make arrangements to submit the classified information to OSC in accordance with governing laws and regulations.

If you are seeking to make a disclosure involving classified information, you can report this information to OSC using appropriate secure channels. If you have questions about how to disclose classified information to OSC or would like to make arrangements to submit a disclosure containing Secret or Top Secret classified information, you may contact OSC’s Disclosure Unit at 1-800-572-2249 (unsecured line).

OSC Staff are available for assistance. You may contact the Complaints Examining Unit (CEU) Hotline at 1-800-872-9855 or the Disclosure Unit Hotline at 1-800-572-2249.

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